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Cleveland Golf 588 RTX CB 2.0 Wedge Project X Shaft

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Cleveland Golf 588 RTX CB 2.0 Wedge Project X Shaft

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Change the way you look at approach shots with the Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB Wedge. Revolutionary 588 RTX 2.0 Technology takes spin control to a whole new level. 15% sharper grooves and a new micro-milled Rotex face pattern give these wedges the maximum surface roughness allowed by the USGA. Multiple sole options make it simple to build a wedge set that complements any golf bag.

  • Rotex 2.0 takes spin control to a new level
  • Micro-Milled face pattern creates the most surface roughness allowed by the USGA
  • Tour Zip Grooves combine sharper grooves and deeper milling to create more spin on every shot
  • Enjoy maximum consistency and spin from inconsistent lies
  • Fine tuned for enhanced versatility from around the course
  • Multiple sole designs make it easy to complement and gap your current clubs

Low Bounce Grind (1 Dot)

  • Aggressive playability from anywhere around the green
  • Trailing edge grind and maximum heel / toe grind
  • Lowest effective bounce
  • Keeps leading edge close to the ground for lob shots
  • Additional stability on square-faced, full shots

Standard Bounce Grind (2 Dot)

  • Versatile, performs well in most conditions
  • Trailing edge grind with moderate trailing relief
  • Mid effective bounce
  • Capable of executing a variety of shots from an assortment of lies

Full Sole (3 Dot)

  • Smoothly glide through any surface with ease
  • Consistent sole width
  • Higher effective bounce
  • Full design provides stability on full shots
  • Easy open the face to create the perfect flop shot